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Straight Talks with Wray Whyte…

In my interview with Wray Whyte, she shares her personal story, how she found out 15 years ago, that she had a Progesterone Deficiency.  She had terrible dizziness,cracked heels, flaking finger nails, terrible mood swings, depression, terrible fatigue and  muscular weakness. Some days she could barely walked

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Transcript of the interview

Vero Laos: Hello Wray, it is great to have you again online this early morning.. Speaking from Cape Town and me from Mauritius. So… to carry on from the last interview that we did. I would like us to really hear more about your own experience. When did you actually find that you had progesterone deficiency?

Wray Whyte: I know …that was a wonderful journey and still is…

I was in Johannesburg at the time and I had a very strange day, I thought my blood pressure had dropped so low that it was barely working, because that was how I actually felt that day. So I went to the local chemist, I didn’t have a doctor then and I still don’t have one …, and he took my blood pressure and he said it was high.. I have never had high blood pressure so I didn’t recognize it and he suggested I went to see a doctor or my doctor and I said I did not have one.

He recommended I went to one up above the chemist, which I did. I was 47 then and I said I knew nothing about hormones but could it be something to do with that? And anyway he decided to take blood and the results came back, estrogen was fine and various other things, he took my FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH(Luteinizing Hormone)  but he never took PROGESTERONE because they didn’t in those days and I’ve discovered they still don’t unless you asked for it.

By then I had read about Progesterone and all the symptoms fitted. He had just read the same book that I had actually read and he said he would test the hormones again. This was now about a year later, and my symptoms had just gone worse and worse. So he did  another  test and the results came back, PROGESTERONE was 0.6 which is about same level  you get in the follicular phase and that’s what men get, but this was done in my luteal phase (peak Luteal). So obviously there was something very wrong,  i.e: lack progesterone. So he suggested and I tried it, I did…

In those days it was difficult to get hold of a progesterone cream and there was one the chemist was selling, and it turned out to be a yam cream, not progesterone. And I was while I was on that that I started to get have hot flushes which I never had before, it was the most awful experience. I wrote the company and they agreed it was not progesterone it was a Yam cream and they were selling it as progesterone…which was rather fraudulent. Anyway I did find a progesterone cream and the hot flushes went in 10 days which was such a relief, and then I ran out of the cream because I haven’t ordered enough and the hot flashes came back, this convinced me progesterone worked. And then I found gradually, because I am not using the high dosage I am using now.. the symptoms I had been suffering from started to disappear, I had terrible dizziness, I had cracked heels, flaking finger nails, terrible mood swings, I’d go into rages, and depression, terrible fatigue. I had muscular weakness, so bad that some days I could barely walked…other days were fine, and it would fluctuate all the time.. all of these actually started going away.

Friends started asking me what was the change, how did I changed things. So I told them about the progesterone. They started using it and all their symptoms started going. Then I was ordering creams from a compounded pharmacy for them, and then one day my brother said why not make your own because I had been making my own hand creams since I was nineteen.

With the help of a British firm who sells raw material, we started experimenting with different ingredients until we eventually got the one we liked the best – that was 15 years ago. I was a bit crude in those days because we were just actually making it in the kitchen, putting in little tubs and selling it …distributing it by post to all the people that knew, and it was helping them… then it got to the point where we weren’t making enough, so we then started to have a lab making it for us. And we started putting it into tubes rather than the funny little containers, then when more info came to the web about safer more natural ingredients, then we started changing our formula until you got the formula which we have today.

 So that is in a nutshell…that is the story

Vero Laos: Wonderful, I would like to ask you more questions about the cream but I think it will be on another chapter. And by the way what was that book that you’ve read that really turned your world around?

Wray Whyte: It was Leslie Kenton’s book “Passage to Power”, and interestingly the Doctor was married to a Pharmacist and she had read the book and that’s why he had read it. She found it important and it was to her pharmacy that I had been going to

Vero Laos: Years afterwards, obviously, you are still using the cream?

 Wray Whyte: Definitely!

Vero Laos: Not because you are making it…

Wray Whyte:  DEFINITELY!

==>>Click here to access the full interview on“How Wray Discovered Her Progesterone Deficiency”

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This is the story of A.S. In matterof days, she experienced radical health benefits using Natural Progesterone Cream. 1st she needed to clear the confusion about progesterone therapy!

“…I am so grateful that a friend introduced me to natural progesterone cream !! I am a 43 year old – young – woman , with two teenagers and a 6 year old toddler !!
I have a very busy , high stress levelled lifestyle . For the last three years I have had tremendous ups and downs in my emotions.

My symptoms were : water retention- throughout the month , migraine headaches , cold hands and feet , joint aches ( just carrying grocery bags would cause my elbows to ache , and normal bike riding became painful in my wrists and elbows ) , extreme feelings of depression and anxiety. I remember walking in the shops one day , and it felt like I wasn’t focussing properly….my head felt “fuzzy” and extremely dizzy , if I can put it like that.
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My tolerance level was so low, I was irritable and teary all the time. I feared depression , and I really thought that this is it …..I have depression !

Having had a malignant melanoma in 2009 , I avoided any mentioning of HORMONES like the plague !
I did not want to try anything related to hormonal treatment ! I was totally ignorant around this subject.
Well ! October 2011 , was a turning point for me.

My friend introduced me to natural progesterone cream , and applied more than half a teaspoon on my skin. I experienced a total change overnight !

The next morning I woke up feeling normal again , no depression , no anxiety , no dizziness. Amazing !!

Since then I have been using the cream everyday except for during my menses. I have done more research on the use of the cream , and have discovered so many benefits to it. Even protection against cancer !! I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle , exercising and eating properly , together with using the cream. My symptoms will sometimes re appear …esp. towards ovulation time , but then I just up the dose , and they disappear again !

I am telling every woman I know ,about this cream ! It is life changing !!…”
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A .S .

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