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3 Essentials When Buying a Progesterone Cream

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3 Essentials to look for when buying a Progesterone Cream: Are the ingredients safe? Is the Progesterone well absorbed? What is the amount of active ingredients in the cream?  Look for Natural Preservatives instead of synthetic one  and make sure you are not paying for the price of fancy container but rather for the amount of progesterone in the cream.

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Transcript of the interview

 Vero Laos: The question that many, many people would ask in regards to the choosing the right progesterone cream. There are so many progesterone creams on the market today.

Wray Whyte: I don’t mind what cream or what suppository or however people take it, I mean, I’ll answer any questions. It doesn’t make any difference to me. But what I do ask people to look for is the ingredients, are they safe? Because some of them have got adverse effects and is it absorbed?

We run saliva tests periodically to see if the progesterone is being absorbed. So, a naturopath does it for us, she gets a patient who’s never had it, she does it before test and then a month or two later an after test. The progesterone in every case shoots up. So, it’s absorbed very well.  So, if you use a cream, some people have said they’ve used one which is incredibly thick and takes a long, long time to rub in. That shouldn’t be the case. You shouldn’t have to rub it in a long time. So, you need to look at what carrier, the thickness, the toxic ingredients if there are any. A lot of doctors prefer using injection and suppositories. They also like the oral or the fizzy vaginal tablet because it gives you a dose, they are used to doses. To my mind, progesterone should not be done in dose form. It should be solely by symptom. So, I prefer a cream for that reason.

You don’t have a measured amount.  So, for instance, if somebody’s using suppositories and they want to reduce the amount because their symptoms have gone, what do you do? Shave a bit off the suppository each day to get less progesterone, cut it in half a quarter? The same with injections which are apparently very painful, you could give half an injection I suppose, same with the capsules. In fact, if people are taking capsules, I say, cut it open, add it to a cream and rub it on your skin instead.

The other advantage to cream, it can just be put anywhere. It is the best burn ointment I have ever come across. So, people have used it to heal leg ulcers, just filling up the ulcer with progesterone in places and other minor wounds. You can’t do that with a suppository or an injection. So, I always asked them to look at the ingredients and the amount obviously, if you’re buying something which isn’t as strong because a lot of people look at the price of the container. They don’t look at the fact that they’re actually buying an active ingredient. If they work out a comparison, they’ll find that in some cases, they’re paying twice what they would be paying with another brand. That is the important thing to look at, not the price of the container. So, those are the things I would ask people to look for.

Vero Laos:  You did mention the toxic ingredients that we have to watch out. Can you just expand a bit more on that?

Wray Whyte:  Some of the preservatives they use. The Parabens have been used for years. There have been papers done on them that say they are still safe and some that advice not using them.  The Propyl paraben has got slight estrogenic properties. So, maybe it’s advisable not to use something with that in and another one that people favour is Phenoxyethanol. Its hazard rating isn’t very high but it is a synthetic so I wouldn’t recommend using it. Antioxidants, mostly people use Rosemary or Vitamin E for the antioxidant properties it has. I haven’t yet seen in the progesterone creams, BHA or BHT. Now, those are synthetic antioxidants used in a lot of fried foods and baked foods, biscuits and cookies and things like that but those have got estrogenic properties. But as I‘ve said, I haven’t seen those used in progesterone creams but certainly in other creams. So, look for the natural antioxidants, natural preservatives rather than synthetic.

You know, you’re using a progesterone cream all you actually need is a vehicle which is an oil to get it into the skin. You do not need 20 other ingredients added to it. Just add some cost to the cream. So, that’s one reason why we’ve kept no unnecessary added ingredients. I remember once, you asked me about the liposomes’ and we never got to finish that. I think we got cut off. A lot of creams are saying that they’ve got liposomes in them but it’s a very expensive system for getting drugs into the body. You can put a tiny amount of liposomes into a cream and say its got liposome’s in it. But it won’t be based solely on just liposomes because they’re far too expensive. It will have other oils in it as well. And, from the saliva tests we run, we found they’re not necessary, not at all. Progesterone gets into the tissue. So, it’s an expensive cream which to my mind is not worth bothering with.

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