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Can Natural Progesterone Help Children Get Rid of Depression?

During a Webinar Wray Whyte shares with Vero Laos about her experience with children suffering from sleeplessness, anxiety and lethargy that have been helped using progesterone.  And what parent should know about some vital missing nutrients responsible for depression in children.

When did you see children being helped using Natural Progesterone?

The youngest I have seen use progesterone cream is a 3month old baby. The child wouldn’t go to sleep, he was very restless and I suggested to use a pin head of cream on the sole of the feet [it is very absorbable there] ….and the child went to sleep.

Another occasion was a friend’s 2yr old child, she was very clingy, very angry, and would not sleep – I suggested she rubbed a little bit of progesterone cream and it calmed the child instantly who fell asleep in her mom’s arm.

How Safe is progesterone cream for children?

It is perfectly safe because they are bathed in progesterone since they are a foetus. Some women are worried when they rub progesterone on themselves when they are pregnant… For 9 months the baby has been bathed in progesterone so in another word it is very safe for a pregnant woman to use natural progesterone cream.

Progesterone is given as well to preterm infants who were born too soon with respiratory distress syndrome, to ensure that their bone grows as necessary. These are infants that have not even come to term. So it is very safe to use progesterone on an infant.

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When would you say that a child is estrogen dominant

Estrogen dominant problem really manifests itself once the girl reaches puberty, because at that stage her body is making more estrogen..prior to that progesterone has a calming effect on the child.

My brother’s friend daughter, a 14yrs old girl, was on antidepressant and was given counselling. My brother suggested she used the progesterone cream  some nutrients [we’ll talk more about that later] and in a matter of days, she came off both the antidepressant and the counselling because her problem were hormonal and she was going through puberty!

Is the Progesterone dosage the same for an adolescent or 20yrs old?

The 14yr old girl would be using the same dose as a 20yr old because biologically, she is an adult if she has started her menses.

After a girl has entered into puberty it usually takes 2 years before she gets her 1st bleed. Those few years can be a very difficult time for the daughter and for the mother as well and I suggest to give half the amount of the progesterone – but again it is always  dependent on symptoms, the dose should be adjusted until the estrogen dominant symptoms subsides.

More and more mothers are coming to me in regards to putting their children on progesterone.

I had one woman wrote to me the other day about her 10yrs boy who had estrogen dominant symptoms [she did not say what symptoms] …mothers are contacting me not only about their daughter but about their sons too.

What about Soy Milk – Are Phytoestrogen Safe?

There was a boy drinking a lots of soy milk since he was young because of his allergy he was getting from cow’s milk. So he started to have sign of estrogen dominance which affected his sex organ development.

Phytoestrogen in the milk acted as estrogen- we can think that phytoestrogen are good but I don’t agree – they are estrogen and they will cause cellular proliferation …sadly this poor little boy was brought up on soymilk as he was allergic to cow’s milk.

Estrogen depresses Zinc and Zinc is absolutely vital for Gonads to develop and his had not fully developed and was still very small for his age.

It was also the case for a 60yr old man who had developed gynecomastia [the abnormal development of large mammary glands in males] they could not find anything wrong until they checked his estrogen that was 3 times higher than it should have been – They were very puzzled finally they found out that he was drinking 3 litters of soy milk every day!!

So it is essential to stop using soy milk. The progesterone will in turn help  reverse those estrogen dominant symptoms.

Progesterone & Child Depression

Question from Jeanne [a teacher]:  I have a 11yr old child with depression and was wandering how can progesterone cream help him with his depression- Because it is very unusual for a young child to suffer from depression?

Wray’s answer: It’s important to find out what the mother is feeding him – he could be eating a large amount of sugar. That is enough to depress anybody!!  Obviously if he is very stressed from his home life it would also contribute.

Stress suppresses DOPAMINE which is one of our most important neurotransmitters – low dopamine causes depression!

Progesterone is good as it will reduce the stress response and it is very calming …and it will also boost dopamine.  But he might need  ****Tyrosine [an amino acid] which is a precursor to dopamine.

As the child is 11yrs, I would start him with 100mgr of tyrosine a day for a week or 2 and if there is no improvement double the amount for a week see how it goes …GO up slowly because TOO MUCH tyrosine can cause the same problem you are trying to cure – so it is recommended to increase slowly ..if you see any improvement double up

How to improve low Serotonin or low Dopamine

Question from Jeanne [a teacher]:  I have got another little boy he is 13yrs – it’s like he has hit a wall intellectually, he is not absorbing any information, he is very lethargic. When I spoke to the parents they say that he has been like that all his life …which I find hard to believe…how to move forward with this child? He loses concentration as he is listening to you, he is very slow, and he does get existed about anything.

Wray’s answer: Again I would say Tyrosine.

Also the 2 main neurotransmitters are serotonin and dopamine – you can become depress with a lack of serotonin and it causes highs and lows (between despair and happiness) it goes up and down. Dopamine causes a flat liner depression, and then it is no emotion. It impairs concentration and it is vital for vitality …I am wondering if it is not his problem!!

Another question to ask the parents: what do they feed him on? Because it could be that he doesn’t get enough nutrients.

The other nutrient which is used up considerably by children when they are thinking specially during exams is one of the B Vit called Inositol it is amazing for depression – It is also being researched as a cure in OCD (obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Inositol helps the action of insulin so it improves the blood sugar. It also helps make serotonin more available, so that we can see an improving in depression, panic attack & OCD

It is the most amazing Vit B!!!

What are the Parent’s Feeding the child?

The most important factor with kids is “what are the parents doing”? What are they feeding the kids and what is the emotional state of the family life?

So the 1st approach would really be to advise the parents to give their child amino acid [Tyrosine] and Vit B supplementation.

Obviously I would also advise the use of progesterone as well, as it is very calming – it activates GABA as it is one of the most calming neurotransmitters – it lessens the stress response

It might seems contradictory with that lethargic you’ve was talking about, but I think it would help him as he is lacking dopamine which can be the cause of those symptoms of lethargy and inability to concentrate.

Then you would 10 to 20mgr of progesterone cream twice a day. Progesterone will not interfere with normal development as we all make it and children make it in small amount.


  • Progesterone has a very calming effect t as it activates GABA [one of the most calming neurotransmitters] and it lessens the stress response.
  • Progesterone helps boost Dopamine.
  • Progesterone helps reverse estrogen dominance symptoms such as depression in puberty
  • Progesterone will boost the Zinc which is absolutely vital for Gonads development [The gonads in males are the testes and the gonads in females are the ovaries]
  •  Inositol helps make serotonin more available, so it reduces depression, panic attack & OCD
  • Tyrosine is an amino acid which is a precursor to dopamine
  • Proper Food [proper nutrients] will help children struggling with depression, lethargy, lack of concentration, high stress levels
  • Supplementation of Inositol & tyrosine will help reduce depression in children

****Tyrosine is essential for any stressful situation, cold, fatigue, emotional trauma, prolonged work, sleep deprivation; it improves memory, cognition and physical performance, and is used for weight loss treatments. ADD patients have significantly lower levels of tyrosine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, histidine and isoleucine.

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