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Can Progesterone cause Breast Cancer FAQ’s?

Does Progesterone pose a Cancer threat?

The bottom line is that Progesterone Decreases Cell Proliferation in Breast cancer while Estrogen Increases It!
If You Want To Increase Cell Proliferation Use Estrogen; If You Want To Decrease Cell Proliferation Use Progesterone.

Dr. John Lee’s was to 1st to content that progesterone inhibits breast cancer, and if you already have breast cancer, it guards you against re-occurrence or late metastases. In his medical practice, Dr. Lee looked after many women who had had breast removal due to cancer. For 20 years since he started recommending the use of progesterone for breast cancer, not one of the hundreds of women he treated has died of breast cancer. Think about what the odds are on that number when you compare it to normal post mastectomy figures.

This was recognized by a study released in the Fertility and Sterility Journal*. The entire study is worth reading and is an excellent confirmation of what Dr. John Lee has been saying all those years. This information is not a secret, but it is not being made available to the typical doctor of conventional medicine, even though the similar information is in the Journal of the AMA.

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The conclusion of that study is summarized in the following three sentences

  • ‌Topical Progesterone reduced cell proliferation by 410%
  • ‌Topical Estrogen increased cell proliferation by 223%
  • ‌Topical Estrogen/Progesterone combination reduced cell proliferation by 16%

Dr. David Zava, ZRT Laboratory President, talks about the balance of progesterone and estrogen, its importance to women’s health, and the risk of breast cancer.

*The Fertility and Sterility Journal, Vol. 63, No. 4, April 1995. The exact reference is Chang KJ, Lee TTY, Linares-Cruz G, Fournier S, de Lignieres B. Influences of percutaneous administration of estradiol on human breast epithelial cell cycle in vivo. Fertility and Sterility 1995; 63; 7865-7891.

Source: Dr. Lee’s book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer.
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