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Absolutely, natural progesterone can suppress endometriosis!
Oestrogen will stimulate endometriosis whereas progesterone will prevent it.

In the mechanism of cell multiplication, it is oestrogen which is responsible to trigger the BCL 2 gene which causes the cells to multiply uncontrollably – On the other hand progesterone switches OFF the BCL 2 gene and switches ON the P53 gene which sends messages to the cell to mature and die.

If this message is not switched off by Progesterone, then the cells which lines the uterus continue to multiply and go wild …. causing Endometriosis.

 As oestrogen is the problem, AVOID all form of oestrogen!

 Endometriosis is caused by the imbalance between too much oestrogen and a deficiency of progesterone.  This unopposed oestrogen results in many ‘symptoms of oestrogen dominance’ including endometriosis.

Using natural progesterone cream for endometriosis over a few months can help reverse this condition


In fact, we live in a “Sea of oestrogens

  • We are surrounded by Xeno-oestrogens in the environment (molecules that mimics the action of oestrogen). These are mostly found in petrochemicals such as insecticides, plastics, mineral oil-based creams, household products, car fumes and others.
  • The Pill or HRT also contains estrogen and synthetic progesterone which will cause oestrogen dominance.
  • When the ovaries don’t produce and release the egg it will cause oestrogen to rise. During an anovulatory cycle, the corpus luteum doesn’t produce ANY progesterone and oestrogen becomes the dominant hormone. Today, on average, this happens around the age of 34 years old!

Progesterone is the only antagonist to too much oestogen.


Synthetic Progestins such as Megestrol and Provera compete with the receptor binding sites normally reserved for Progesterone. Progesterone taken together with these synthetic hormones will not work. You are advised to withdraw from using synthetic Progestins as found in the pill or HRT gradually before starting to use Natural Progesterone for treatment of Endometriosis.


  1. For normal use between 100-200mg/day of progesterone is sufficient but in severe cases 500mg/day will be needed, its best to go by symptoms, adjusting it higher or lower as the weeks go by.
  2. Rub the cream on any part of the body that has good circulation before bed time – beasts, neck, chest, legs, arms, thighs, soles of the feet, or back.
  3. If you have a lot of body fat, the progesterone will be soaked up by the body fat first before getting into your blood stream. You may then need a higher dose to deal with endometriosis.

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