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Low progesterone is considered to be the main cause of the pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). PMS highly affects a women’s physical and mental state. The symptoms of PMS can range from depression, anxiety, weigh gain, mood swings, raging temper, cramps, dizziness, and dehydration to different types of skin problems.

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Beware of Low Progesterone and high Estrogen

Nowadays more and more women start experiencing anovulatory cycles (no ovulation). This has caused PMS to increase for women in their 30’s. This hormonal imbalance is caused by low progesterone and high estrogen levels, due to the influence of xeno-estrogens, an endocrine disruptor which mimic the action of estrogen in the body.

Teenage girls have also started to experience low progesterone and PMS due to the high level of estrogen in their body.
Estrogen dominance suppresses the activity of the thyroid glands, which will give you a temporary hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This triggers the adrenaline which makes women more irritable and temperamental.

I would suggest small regular meals of proteins and complex carbohydrates every three to four hour to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Weight gain is a result of low progesterone and PMS

In order to raise their blood sugar, women with PMS usually gain weight two weeks before their periods due to cravings for sweet foods. Some women can gain up to 5 kg or more which make them look like they are pregnant, which gets really distressing!!
Natural progesterone therapy will help you control your weight by balancing the estrogen level and adjusts the hormonal imbalance.

Avoid birth control pill to treat PMS

Some doctors and gynecologists prescribe pills such as birth control pills, etc. for PMS. It contains progestin and progestogens which is NOT bio-identical progesterone. This treatment should be avoided as it causes women to become more estrogen dominant, making the PMS worse. To increase the Bio-identical Progesterone dosage for PMS should be considered as the prime treatment.

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Progesterone Dosage for PMS

Usually 400mg/day of progesterone cream is needed to stop heavy bleeding and this corrects the cycle as well.

You could also consider taking at least 2000mg/day NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), 2000mg/day taurine and at least 5000iu vitamin D. Taurine is low in dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and vitamin D is a vital nutrient, a lack causes cells to malfunction, and reduces the benefits of progesterone. Initially progesterone can upset the cycle, but it should have settled by now.

Extract taken from Dr Katherina Dalton’s book ‘PMS The Essential Guide to Treatment Options

Chapter 13
It is a well-recognized fact about PMS that most sufferers are free of their monthly problems when pregnant, or at least during the second half of pregnancy. This is because the placenta produces huge amounts of progesterone to keep the pregnancy going – it may raise the level of progesterone in the blood to 40 or even 50 times the greatest amount found in non-pregnant women. However, there are a few women who continue to experience their PMS symptoms daily during later pregnancy, and these women are the ones who are most at risk of developing pre-eclampsia (page 150).

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Straight Talks with Wray Whyte…

People are confused when their estrogen symptoms get worst specially when using progesterone for the 1st time or increasing the cream dosage. They blame the Progesterone!! They don’t realise that the cream stimulates the estrogen receptors so they reduce the cream and it is contradictory! The symptoms will become less and they feel better, but they still have the adverse symptoms that they started with …  It’s not progesterone causing those symptoms it’s too much estrogen!

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Transcript of the interview

Vero Laos: Wray, let’s go back a little bit in time. So, you discovered that you had this progesterone deficiency 15 years ago. So, until now, until today, are you still using the cream, have you decreased the usage of the cream, when do you actually know that you need the cream?

Wray Whyte:  The symptom that comes back the quickest for me, I become emotionally sensitive and I am tearful. So, I know I’ve not been putting on enough. I think I also mentioned in the past that I am sometime a bit vague about putting it on. So, I’ll be in a hurry, I’ll squeeze out some, rub it all over and maybe I do this for a few days. And then I realized, because of my emotions that I actually haven’t been putting as much as I should and then I will increase the amount. But then also, if I find I need it, I will do that two week sort of stint, where I put two teaspoons a day on.

And, I find it does take two weeks before the symptoms reduce. It so much depends on the person because a friend of mine, she experimented because she heard I’ve done this and she found her hot flushes suddenly came back but it went quite quickly. But she didn’t have the emotional instability or the irritability and tiredness that I get. But, I think she’s got less fat cells than I have, so she makes less estrogen than me because that was one thing I wanted to point out which so many people aren’t aware of.

They think that when they get to menopause, their estrogen drops and that’s it. It’s not true. We make estrogen until the day we die in our fat cells. The estrogen is called Estrone and it’s just as potent as Estradiol, the estrogen we make pre-menopause in our ovaries. Estradiol should be low in menopause. But whenever a woman goes to have a test, they would only test Estradiol, whether she’s pre or postmenopausal and this is wrong. They will say your estrogen is low, you must take more, so they give Estradiol but they do not seem to know that menopausal women are still making it in their fat cells, so do men.

Men make Estrone as well and as they get older, their estrogen level increases and testosterone and progesterone decreases in them. This is another reason why they get these symptoms. So, it’s important to realize, we still make estrogen until we die or we do not make progesterone in the quantities we did in our premenopausal years, we make very little and it’s mostly to do with brain nerves, that sort of function, rather than reproductive. So, it is important to realize that.

Vero Laos: In regards to using the cream, so there can be a reactivation of the estrogen dominant symptoms and so that can be a bit confusing. Is it just we are going through a phase of detox where our estrogen receptors are being activated and the symptoms come up or, and we’ve got to wait for the progesterone cream we are taking to really take effect or do we need to increase the cream? So, it can be a bit confusing.

Wray Whyte: It is!  People do find it confusing because they are starting progesterone for the first time or increasing it because they’ve heard its better and the symptoms become worse. They then blame the progesterone. They don’t know anything about it stimulating estrogen, so they reduce progesterone and it’s paradoxical.

But they find of course that their symptoms become less. So therefore, this reinforces the belief it was the progesterone causing the problem. But then the symptoms come again. So they’re then, they reduce further still and they feel better until they finally sort of barely using progesterone but they still got the adverse symptoms that they started with. It’s not progesterone causing those symptoms. It’s estrogen, estrogen, estrogen, estrogen.

It was really interesting, just the other day, a woman wrote to me in a bit of a panic. She said she’d missed putting on her progesterone for 4 to 5 days. I think she’d gone away or something and left it behind. What would happen and I said, probably that her symptoms come back and she would definitely get estrogen dominance when she started the cream. She said, she wrote back and she said, very interesting because that’s exactly what happened, her hot flushes started getting worse, they got worse when she went back on the progesterone. She persevered, increased the progesterone, hot flushes went and now she’s back down to the level she was using. So, as I said, it can occur even within the hour. You have to sort of just play around with your own dose, your own amount and your own symptoms. It’s impossible for me or anybody to guide somebody through that, impossible.

Vero Laos: Okay!
Stay Tune for more interviews with Wray

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What is  Estrogen dominance?

I am sure you know that we (ladies) have several very important hormones at work in our body.

One of the most important and powerful one are estrogens (Estrone, Estriol & Estradiol). As everything else in our body it must be found in the correct levels in order for us to be in good health. Too much estrogen can be a problem and will cause a myriad of symptoms.

The expression “Estrogen dominance” was first used by Dr Lee in his first book on the Benefits of Natural Progesterone. It describes a condition where we have either an excess of estrogen in the body  or  there is an inadequate supply of progesterone to balance its effects..

Even a woman with low estrogen levels can have estrogen dominance symptoms if she doesn’t ‘t have enough or no progesterone.

Hormones must be balanced for us to live healthy lives.

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What do they do?

  • They are chemical messengers released by a cell or a gland in one part of the body that sends out messages that affect cells in other parts of the organism.
  • A small amount of hormone can alter cell metabolism.
  • Cells respond to a hormone when they have a specific receptor for that hormone. The hormone binds to that receptor and it activates the mechanism that allows the cell to give the specific response it is meant to give.

When your doctor prescribes you bio identical estrogen, he also needs to prescribe you natural (or bioidentical progesterone because it will counteract the negative effects of estrogen. Without natural bio identical progesterone, you will find yourself suffering from estrogen dominance negative symptoms.

You don’t really want that!!!!

What causes estrogen dominance ?

1) Synthetic hormone found in the pill or HRT (replacement therapy). Why? Because it uses high doses of estrogen and progestins. Progestins or Progestogens are not bioidentical progesterone. Its molecular structure has been altered and it is no longer just as our body makes it.

2) Pre menopause: early onset of pre menopause causes early follicle dysfunction resulting in a lack of natural progesterone production, and therefore a loss of ovulation.

3) Exposure to xeno estrogens caused by environmental pollution. Exposure to pesticide, to industrial toxins. They have an estrogen like effect: They attach themselves to the estrogen receptors of the cell (see in the beginning  what is a receptor) and they mimic the action of  estrogen. This results in estrogen dominance symptoms!!

4) Birth control  pills  : They stop natural hormone production and contain excessive estrogen.

In the Long Term Estrogen dominance, is a major health risk for women.
The risks are greater as a woman grows older and reaches menopause.

  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Breast cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Fibrocystic breast
  • PMS
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Pre-menopausal bone loss
  • Osteoporosis in menopausal women
  • Strokes

If Estrogen is not opposed by the action of Progesterone in the body
it can cause Other estrogen dominance symptoms such as:

  • Acceleration of aging
  • Anxiety
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Breast tenderness
  • Decreased libido (low sex drive)
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Hairloss
  • Headaches
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Blood clotting which increases the risks of stroke
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Bloating, water retention

Nobody in their right mind would accept to live with these symptoms or even worse with these diseases.
At the time of menopause these symptoms increase leading sometimes to serious health issues.

Menopause is a “difficult time” where you are at a greater health risk.

It’s better to get your hormone levels checked regularly and use bio identical hormones to achieve balance.

If You want a healthy menopause!

  • Sleep enough
  • Eat healthy
  • Do regular Physical Activities 

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Are you aware that Growth Hormones in Milk can cause Estrogen to rise, without you realizing it? There are so many factors that cause estrogen to rise.

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“…I’ve just finished answering somebody. Even milk which contains the bovine growth hormone causes IGF-1 to increase. This is insulin-like growth factor and that increases aromatase in the body. Aromatase converts more testosterone into estrogen …. so you get estrogen rising. We just don’t know what we’re doing with ourselves. At any one time, we could be eating a huge amount of phytoestrogens without realizing it and they’re in grains and legumes mainly. So, estrogen rises again. There are so many variables.  It’s impossible to say but if it does happen, increase the cream again. Increase the progesterone.
==>Click here to Access the Full Interview with Wray Whyte on How Much Progesterone Cream to Use

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Many women use progesterone cream to reverse or neutralize estrogen dominance symptoms. These estrogen dominance symptoms are essentially caused by toxic chemicals in the environment which mimic the actions of estrogen in our body – They become toxic xeno estrogen to our body, xeno meaning foreign. When the symptoms of estrogen dominance reduce, many menstruating women stop using the cream. Although, it is still recommended to use the cream in small dosages since it has help balance progesterone to estrogen ratio and has anticancer properties.

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The Dangers of Our Toxic World for Our Hormonal Health

In more than 5 decades, the world has changed rapidly and this affected our environment quite negatively. We can no longer keep up with the radical changes in our surrounding, especially to the toxin footprints of man-made chemicals. Below are just some of the samples of how our environment today affects the general health of people all over the world:

  • In 1920s, cancers can only be found to 3% of the population, but it rapidly increased to 40% among today’s population. Deaths caused by cancers are also alarming in the past years.
  • Allergies are more prevalent today. This can be observed with our kids who have to carry asthma pumps when on the playground.
  • Many children today are also diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Many of them are treated with Ritalin, a stimulant which can seriously trigger mental health problems later on in their lives.
  • Today’s records show that heart diseases can cause death among people in their 30s.
  • Infertility hinders population increase in the West as their sperm counts are down by 50%.
  • Depression now occurs globally among men and women, whether they are young or adult.
  • Osteoporosis is even present with young males today.

6 Most common Chemicals that creates toxic xeno estrogens in our body

  • Petro-chemicals are toxic xeno-estrogens which can be found on vaseline based skin creams, common detergents, wax floor polish and paints. These chemicals are also present in car immisions, which mean that we are exposed to it when we use our cars, walking along the road, or by just having a coffee outside of the shop.
  • Synthetic Hormones and estrogenic compounds can be acquired by eating meat. Cattles are fed with D.E.S. (diethol stilbestrol) hormone to fatten them quickly. Chickens, on the other hands, are fed with hormone-filled food to make them grow fast.
  • Pesticides with DDT and DDE. These highly toxic home and garden instruments are still widely used in Africa and other 3rd world countries. Furthermore, other herbicides and pesticides have dieldrin, toxaphene, mirex, heptachlor and kepone. These chemicals are capable of imitating natural estrogen.
  • Polycarbonated plastics. These toxins are present in baby bottles, water jugs, cling wrap and polystyrene to name a few. Plastics can be found practically anywhere.
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). If you are using any electronic device, then you’re exposed to these chemicals. These are widely used in electronics industry.
  • Synthetic man-made estrogen drugs. Drug companies incorporate them to produce contraceptive pill and HRT. Ironically, these are even advertised as something that can save lives and good for our health.

Only progesterone protects from estrogen created from toxic chemicals found in our today’s environment.

Progesterone Protects from Oestrogen Created by the Chemical Revolution

Man made synthetic chemicals are known not only to cause damages in our environment, but also directly to our health. Endoctrine Disruptors are a major factor in hormonal imbalances. Whereas xeno-estrogens immitates the natural estrogen, thus, the imbalance between estrogen and progesterone levels.

There are currently 51 toxic chemicals identified as hormone disrupters causing health imbalances. For one, xeno-estrogens are present in the food that we usually eat. They exist in the animal fat and the moment we ate these animals, we acquire them in our fats, too.

Xeno-estrogens can disrupt the functions of the body by putting estrogen receptors to the cells. These cells will not be able to interact well with the body organs and systems, which will then lead to malfunctions of the body.

The use of bio-identical progesterone is the best way to keep estrogens level under control. As with the presence of toxic xeno estrogens from our toxic enviromment, the progesterone to estrogens ratio becomes imbalanced . This condition will lead to what is called estrogen dominance sumptoms, where the balance of progesterone and estrogen inside the body is affected.

Only Progesterone Therapy Reverses Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

It’s a fact that our grandparents didn’t need any progesterone therapy in their younger years because of their environment’s condition. This, however, is no longer the case today since we are exposed everyday to endocrine disruptors (xeno estrogens) found in our environment.

These days, many people experience all-time high stress levels, which cause health complications. Not to mention that progesterone levels are being drained by any sort of stress. Progesterone hormones are vital to keep the balance of our mental, emotional, and physical conditions. After all, progesterone is called the “Mother Hormone” for nothing. It is actually where many other hormones in our body are derived; these include stress and sex hormones.

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‘Estrogen Dominance’ was coined by Dr. John Lee to describe the unpleasant side effects resulting from high estrogen levels in men or women. For women, estrogen levels increases mostly when using [HRT]hormone replacement therapy or the pill. When estrogen level rises it automatically lowers the level of progesterone.

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When using progesterone therapy, at first it stimulates estrogen receptors, making estrogen the dominant hormone. You can understand why so many people feel worse when starting their progesterone therapy.

Men also can experience estrogen dominance symptoms when starting progesterone.

It is essential to persevere applying progesterone, as progesterone will gradually becomes the dominant hormone then symptoms begin to disappear. Some women don’t experience estrogen dominance, while others do. These symptoms can take several days to wean off.

How Much Progesterone to Use?

How much progesterone to use depends solely on the amount estrogen active in the body. The recommended amount of progesterone ranges from about 100-200 mg per day. Unfortunately many women uses doses as low as 20 daily mg. It is too low to counteracts the excess of estrogen and leaves the body in a permanent state of estrogen dominance.

If a woman experiences heavy continual bleeding during her monthly cycle or extreme hot flashes, she should start with a higher dosage of progesterone such as 400mg/day.

Men with high levels of estrogen can benefit from using 10-20mg daily and increase up to 10mg daily if necessary.
For best results one should start with a higher dosage of progesterone then reduce the amount to the best level, once symptoms have dissapeared. The reduction should always be done slowly over several weeks.

Temporary Relief From Estrogen Supplements

Estrogen supplements can initially bring a relief from symptoms. Because Estrogen activates the progesterone receptors causing progesterone to become the dominant hormone. But this relief is short lived as estrogen becomes the dominant hormone.

You now understand why so many women keep alternating their HRT treatments. For those women who do not suffer any adverse reaction, the risks of using HRT or the contraceptive pill for any length of time is associated with high health risks.

List of Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

A long list of symptoms characterise Estrogen dominance.
These symptoms can also be triggered when first using progesterone.

  • aches and pains
  • anger
  • earlier or latet than usual menstrual bleeding
  • bloating/weight gain due to water retention
  • breast tenderness
  • bruising
  • breast tenderness
  • bruising
  • constipation
  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • heart palpitations
  • hot flushes
  • hypoglycaemia
  • increased appetite/cravings
  • irritation
  • migraines
  • mild depression
  • mood swings
  • muscle weakness
  • nausea
  • skin problems/acne/melasma
  • spotting
  • tiredness/chronic fatigue
  • weight gain
  • If you experience any of these symptoms, then your choice is to either…
    Start with a higher progesterone dosage and persevere until the estrogen dominance symptoms wean off,
    or begin with a low dose to begin with and then gradually increase it over a month or two.
    The 2nd option will understandably take longer to resolve the symptoms.

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    Hormonal changes in women are believed to be the most common cause for migraine attacks.
    The national headaches foundation has estimated that more women get migraine attacks than men with a quarter of women suffering from migraines have more than 3 attacks a month.

    The symptoms include nausea, chills, hot flashes, neck pain, diarrhea, dizziness, blocked and/or runny nose, confusion, constipation, blurry vision, dehydration, depression, anxiety, sweating, vertigo, etc. The symptoms vary from person to person and individuals may have different symptoms during different attacks.

    Many of these symptoms are the result of low progesterone levels.


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    What triggers Hormonal Migraines attack?


    The actual cause of migraine is unknown, but it is usually triggered by stress, lack of food, too much alcohol, lack of sleep, weather and environment changes, or bright lights, etc. It is also believed that people who suffer from migraine headaches are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than those without. It is estimated that around 25 % migraine sufferers also have depression while around 50 – 60 % endure anxiety.

    • The metabolite allopregnanolone found in Progesterone are potent anxiolytics. Migraines and insomnia are linked to each other, and it affects the frequency and the intensity of the attack. It can also be made worst in the presence of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

    Migraine can be associated with the menstrual cycle, and migraine attacks are usually triggered by stress, hunger, fatigue…and estrogen.
    One need to realise that estrogen is an excitatory, inflammatory hormone, making women more susceptible to migraines than men.
    For many women, who are estrogen dominant, hormonal migraine attacks are most likely to occur on the days prior to the bleeding than during the ovulation phase.
    The use of contraceptives can also trigger the painful headaches.

    • Not surprisingly, pregnant women can be relieved from the migraine attacks due to the raised progesterone level during pregnancy

    The hormone estrogen rises in a women’s body around 5 days before the ovulation begins. Thus approximately 50 hours before the ovulation.
    Progesterone also rises 50 hours before the ovulation starts. This increase has nothing to do with ovulation itself, but the hormone is secreted by the brain.
    If this progesterone surge does not take place during the ovulation phase, then oestrogen will become the dominant hormone which is likely to trigger hormonal migraines, asthma, panic attacks, heart palpitations, seizures, etc.
    Progesterone will not rise in the case of an anovulatory cycle occurs, or if the corpus luteum fails to secrete sufficient progesterone. This condition is known as a defective luteal phase.

    The secretion of natural progesterone is essential to counter the peak of estrogen otherwise the symptoms mentioned above can occur during a women’s luteal phase.

    • Supplementation with Natural progesterone will help counteract anovulatory cycle or low progesterone levels.
    • Vitamin D is also anti-inflammatory and analgesic which supports the action of progesterone. Those with low levels of vitamin D are also at risk of migraine attacks.

    What progesterone dosage for hormonal migraines treatment:

    • As a prevention, women should take 100 – 200 mg of progesterone per day. If the migraine or nausea has started, increase the dose to 400 – 500 mg per day. Once the headaches have diminished, the dose should be lowered slowly, over a number of weeks.Men should take 10 -100 mg of progesterone per day and increase when the symptoms of migraines start showing up. For those who have suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury or concussion, or PTSD a higher dose of progesterone is required.
    • Vitamin D is also an important nutrient and required for cell functioning. An individual’s blood levels should be 70 – 100 ng/ml or 175 – 250nmol/L. the minimum daily requirement for vitamin D is 5000iu’s per day while latest research suggests that it should be increased to 10,000 IU’s per day.

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    Low Progesterone and pregnancy problems are intimately linked. Besides infertility and pregnancy loss, low progesterone symptoms such as nausea, vomiting headache, depression, backache, bleeding can be avoided. These symptoms can be the result of prolonged exposure to environmental toxins, especially the ‘xeno-estrogens’ that are polluting our air, food and water.

    Many women have successfully eliminated some of the symptoms by increasing their progesterone cream dosage during pregnancy. Adding a progesterone supplementation during the pregnancy not only reduces those symptoms but also help reduce the risk of getting pre-eclampsia.

    This confirms the link between low progesterone and some pregnancy problems.

    Pre-eclampsia is a complication that affects 5% of women during the later stage of pregnancy. It is recognised by a raised blood pressure, excessive weight gain, oedema (water retention) and protein in the urine. Severe headaches followed by convulsive seizures can also occur. 5% of maternal deaths and 40% of foetal deaths are related to pre-eclampsia. It has been found that women suffering from PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome or PMT) stand a greater chance of developing pre-eclampsia.

    • These symptoms can be helped by increasing progesterone cream dosage during pregnancy:
      Headache throughout pregnancy,
      Bleeding.Those symptoms can be prevented  by maintaining an adequate diet and supplementing with natural progesterone transdermal cream. It is also recommended to eat small regular starchy meals every 3 hours to keep blood sugar steady.

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    Progesterone cream dosage during Pregnancy

    A low dose of natural progesterone cream during pregnancy will not help. Start with a high dosage and reduce gradually. Progesterone should not be stopped suddenly because of the risk of causing a miscarriage. The required progesterone dosage is 100-200mg/day and can be increased up to 400mg/day according to the symptoms.
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    We live in a toxic and stressful world! When a woman starts to experience fatigues, water retention, low mood, anxiety, aches and pains, breast tenderness, infertility, PMS, (among other things)!

    If you are experiencing these kind of symptoms, it’s surely estrogen dominance symptoms!

    A sense of wellbeing is only achieved when the level of estrogen balances out with the level of progesterone in the body. It is all about the ratio between estrogen and progesterone. Even a woman with low estrogen levels can have estrogen dominance symptoms if she doesn’t have enough progesterone.

    A sense of wellbeing is only achieved when the level of estrogen balances out with the level of progesterone in the body. It is all about the ratio between estrogen and progesterone. Even a woman with low estrogen levels can have estrogen dominance symptoms if she doesn’t have enough progesterone.

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    Why do we become estrogen dominant?

    One of the main cause of the excess of estrogen in our body is the constant exposure with Xenoestrogen (foreigh estrogen) which disrupts our endocrine system and messes up our hormones. Xenoestrogens are fat-soluble and non-biodegradable in nature. The major sources of these Xenoestrogens are pesticides, detergents, petroleum products, plastic products, and cosmetics, even spermicides used for birth control in diaphragm jellies, condoms and vaginal gels. AVOID drinking your hot coffee or tea in that plastic or Styrofoam cup. AVOID heating your food in plastic cookware.
    All of these agents contribute to estrogen dominance symptoms!

    6 advises to overcome estrogen dominance

    1. ‌ Start with a higher amount of bio-identical progesterone to begin with (200mgr daily). It’s sometime difficult to persuade people but it’s the only thing which will help; a low dose will trigger oestrogen receptors and the estrogen dominance symptoms. Using a high amount is only necessary as long as the problem persists. We have seen women using 400-600mg/day for several months, and each time they try to reduce, their symptoms come back. Usually within the 3 to 6 months they can begin reducing slowly. It also depends on the problem.
    2. ‌ If you are in pre or peri menopause, use progesterone cream daily if your symptoms persist or come back, instead of the customary break after the bleeding. You can use the cream continuously until your symptoms lessens.
    3. ‌ Increase bio identical progesterone dosage when you going through stressful situation: Progesterone converts into cortisol and adrenaline by the adrenals in the “fight or flight” mode. In stressful situation the adrenals rob ovarian progesterone. Lack of progesterone in turn plays havoc with our reproductive functions and is one of the cause of infertility. Supplementing with progesterone can do wonders for so many women who are struggling with infertility, miscarriages, PMS, hot flashes, night sweats, and other hormonal imbalances.
    4. ‌ Bio progesterone will reverse water retention: One of the function of progesterone is to block the aldosterone receptors. Aldosterone causes sodium retention, which in turn causes water retention. Progesterone is an excellent diuretic, so good it’s now given via IV transfusion to brain trauma victims. It prevents the oedema and inflammation that does the damage.
    5. ‌ Avoid Vitamin D defiency! To get the best out of progesterone therapy, you should always have sufficient Vitamin D.It is advised to have regular blood checkups to make sure that you are not among of the 85% who have inadequate amount of Vitamin D.
    6. ‌ Avoid the Pill and HRT as it contains estrogen and synthetic progesterone (which is commonly called ‘progestin’). Progestins cause natural progesterone levels to drop, leading to many of the already mentionned symptoms. If you are on either HRT or a contraceptive pill and you wish to come off it, it’s far gentler on the body to do this gradually in conjunction with progesterone.

    Diane’s testimony – How she overcame her estrogen

    After years of fatigue, which I attributed to a demanding and stressful period of my life, I discovered and started using your progesterone cream. After the first few months of adjusting to it, my fatigue is not an issue. As well, the water retention, low mood, anxiety, aches and pains, breast tenderness, ect, is gone! Seems crazy to me that something so simple, natural and affordable remains so elusive in our culture in terms of women and health. But as I say to myself and my own clients, we are and must be our own best advocates for what is right for our lives and our bodies!

    The answer to Estrogen dominance is progesterones

    Estrogen dominance can be reduced by supplementing with Bioidentical progesterone cream and by reducing your exposure to environmental toxins or xenohormones.

    It is natural and affordable!

    Have you tried the New Natpro Progesterone Cream Airless Pump?

    Here are two reasons why it is gaining popularity:
    No 1 => EASIER Management in regards to Dosage!
    For instance is you want to use 200mgr daily it is equivallent to 4 squirts!

    No2 => Every last drop is used up as NO residue is leftover in the pump!
    Due the latest airless technology

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    Driving thru the beautiful Karoo…I asked Wray about the fears that hold back women from using progesterone therapy?

    Well one is the doctor putting her off it, saying it’s a scam or it doesn’t work or there are no studies…

    That is laughable because there are hundreds of them. The other is reading the blogs on the internet, instead of reading the studies done on progesterone, they read the blogs. The blogs are full of people complaining about progesterone because they are all suffering from oestrogens dominant symptoms.

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    Oestrogen stimulates progesterone and progesterone stimulates estrogens. So if you use a little bit of progesterone, like the 20 – 40mg a day, which is what people are normally told to use, it’s going to stimulate estrogens. You’re going to get then, estrogens effects which is the typical water retention.
    Another one big complaint is weight gain ….”I’ve put on five pounds in two days or something”, that’s water retention. Progesterone cannot cause it; it’s a potent diuretic, so much so that it is now used for Traumatic Brain Injury victims to stop oedema.

    The other thing they complain about is the genuine weight gain which is fat weight gain and again you come back to estrogens, because oestrogens is a mitogen, it causes cells to proliferate. Progesterone stops cellular proliferation and it cannot cause weight gain because it cannot make cells, divide and multiply.

    Because they are given so little to use, they write negative blogs ..which make women fearful of using progesterone or continuing with it.

    You have to use a large amount of progesterone, if you do not want to experience oestrogens dominance symptoms. It’s about 400mg a day or more, that’s if you don’t want to experience any oestrogens dominance symptoms. You’ve got people trying 100mg and they’ve got it, then they move to 150mg and they’ve still get it and they start going up more and more. But it just prolongs the agony.

    The symptoms so much depend on how much estrogens you’ve got and how many other things are also affecting you,  such as the foods you eat, your stress levels, it all plays a huge role.

    Lack of Vitamin D also affects progesterone, again that was found in the TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury ]studies.

    So you can’t think, ‘Let’s try some progesterone.., I’ve heard good reports about it’ and then of course you get bad results because you have not used enough progesterone cream! .

    I have been advising using 100 – 200mg a day but if you have severe problems like asthma, seizure or heart problems, all of which can be caused by oestrogen because of it is an inflammatory hormone, you are going to need a lot of progesterone.
    But always do it in conjunction with your health practitioner because it’s scary if you suddenly have an asthma attack because you haven’t used enough progesterone. You have to use a lot.

    There’s one girl on the wed using 500mg a day. Prior to that she was going up slowly, 150mg, 200mg, 250mg and she was just getting more and more attacks. 500mg she’s had none. So if you’ve got a major problem like that, always do it with somebody who understands. But for minor things like, headaches or bleeding problems, then you can go at it alone if you have to…. it’s always better when you get support, but often that support is just not there!!

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