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Women are hesitant using Bio-identical Progesterone cream when they don’t understand the difference between; Progesterone Progestin & Progestogens. Health Professionals often use these definitions interchangeably creating confusion in the mind of the public. Only Bio Identical Progesterone (just as our body makes it) is safe to use. Unlike synthetic hormones, Progesterone can be broken down into metabolites, that will calm us, act as an anti-inflammatory… among many other benefits. Our health choices depend upon understanding the fundamental differences between Progesterone, Progestin and Progestogens….find out more..
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Transcript of the interview:

 Vero:  Another question that we come across often and it’s the misconception or the lack of understanding, even among the medical people, between natural Progesterone or Progesterone Progestin and Progestogens.

 Wray:  Yes. They take progesterone and they change the molecule. The Progestin’s were designed because they discovered that progesterone, when taken orally, was destroyed in the gut and the liver. So, to overcome this so they could add it to the contraceptive pill because they realized both hormones were needed, they came up with the Progestins. They’re many now, some are derived from progesterone, some unfortunately are derived from testosterone, so they have androgenic properties so can cause acne and skin problem and facial hair in women who use them. There are dozens now in the market but in every one of them, the actual progesterone molecule has been changed.

Vero: There are so much adverse effects in regards to Progestins and Progestogens that makes people a bit scared and they don’t understand how safe natural progesterone is because of the adverse effect that they are with Progestin and Progestogen that there’s a bit of mix up and confusion arising from that, isn’t it?

 Wray:  Hugely! I think principally because the papers and doctors use the term interchangeably. Luckily, there are many people who realize and I’ve got papers (medical articles), where they say, not all Progestins are created equal and they compare the natural with the others. I’m glad because, I just wish though, this would get through to the medical profession that they are very, very different substances, very, very different. The one thing they found and this came out through the TBI (traumatic brain injury) studies, is because they tried MPA (Medoxyprogesterone-Acetate) which is commonly known as Provera. They tried that and it does reduce oedema like progesterone does but there it ends. It cannot be metabolized into the same metabolites that I mentioned earlier that progesterone is. So, you won’t get Allopregnanolone, which has this potent analgesic anti-anxiety effect. So, they’re very, very different. The body cannot metabolize it into the metabolites which are also vital. One day, it might get known.

Vero: Is Provera, Premarin are they as widely used today as it was 15 years ago?

 Wray:  No. They did the Women’s Health Initiative and they did this study in England called “The Million Women Study.” The result from that really puzzled people because they found that the things that they thought estrogen was helping for actually became worse. Women heard about this of course, so stopped using it, huge amount. They’re now trying to persuade women to use estrogen only for a shorter period of time and as low a dose as possible to get rid of menopausal symptoms. But, you and I know that progesterone gets rid of them safely without taking the risk of using estrogen. So I don’t see the point of it.
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The alarming issue is that a lot of M.D.s say “No” to progesterone to women who just had a hysterectomy since they no longer have a uterus and even claim that it can be a source of cancer. With or without a uterus and ovaries, a woman still needs to supplement progesterone.

As it frequently happens, the M.D.s, who give that response, are confused about the difference between the synthetic progestins such as Provera, and bioidentical (natural) progesterone such as Natpro progesterone cream. They believe that they are the same thing, which they are NOT! In short, progestins/progestogens can contribute to breast cancer, strokes, heart attacks, backaches, mood swings, and much more.

Progesterone does NOT create those unwanted side-effects. Natural Progesterone molecule is identical to the hormone made by your body. Hence, they are bio-identical. Using progesterone cream after hysterectomy protects women from unwanted complications.

Progestins don’t exist in nature and have been created in a laboratory. It confuses the body and create myriads of undesired side effects.

If progesterone and progestins were the same, the progesterone levels in a blood test would increase when taking progestins? If it were the same progestins would be used in fertility treatments? However it is never the case as progestins cause birth defects, yet progesterone is the major hormone in pregnancy.
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To understand why doctors are confused about progesterone and progestins, here’s a very short history of HRT in the U.S., starting in the mid-1960s:

  • ‌Estrogen is given to menopausal women as an anti-aging remedy.
  • ‌Thousands of women die of uterine cancer as a result of taking the estrogen.
  • ‌Researchers figure out that estrogen needs to be “opposed” by progesterone. But progesterone is a bioidentical hormone that can’t be patented. A similar progesterone molecule called progestins is created. It is very potent and have some, but not all of the properties of progesterone. All the progestins created have negative, and even dangerous side effects that are non-existent for progesterone.
  • ‌Clever drug companies educate myriads of doctors who to this day are confused and do not understand the difference between progestins and progesterone.Women reaching menopause are once again influenced by the pharmaceutical industry and their doctors that new drug of estrogens and progestin combined will guard them against uterine cancer and keep them forever young.
  • ‌Many women feel terrible with the progestins side effects and stop taking it! They are then advised by their doctor “If you don’t have a uterus to protect, you can take estrogen alone.”
  • ‌Millions of women have hysterectomies and now take estrogen without the progestins.
  • ‌The Women’s Health Initiative Study shows that conventional HRT (estrogen and progestin) increases women’s risk of breast cancer, heart disease, gallbladder disease and strokes.Millions of women go off of their HRT.
  • ‌Now the doctors, still confused as ever, tell women that they don’t need progesterone if they don’t have a uterus and that the progesterone causes cancer.
  • ‌Do you see how Doctors are confused because it is no longer their endocrinology textbooks but drug companies that are educating them? It is shocking to see how profit rules and confusion reigns.‌

After a hysterectomy  women on conventional HRT have an increased risk of cancer and strokes, because of the progestins and excessively high doses of estrogen.

Even women are not taking HRT have an increased risk of dying from heart disease, brain disease and bone disease due to the lack of progesterone.

Hormones really do help! However, it helps even more if the hormones are bio identical. Natural Progesterone cream after Hysterectomy protects from cancer.

Two large European studies (see references below) shows that women with or without a hysterectomy who use bioidentical hormones (e.g. estradiol and progesterone) have NO increased risk of any disease.
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