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Does Progesterone cause weight gain and water retention?

Driving thru the beautiful Karoo…I asked Wray Whyte about the fears that hold back women from using progesterone therapy?

Well one is the doctor putting her off it, saying it’s a scam or it doesn’t work or there are no studies…

That is laughable because there are hundreds of them. The other is reading the blogs on the internet, instead of reading the studies done on progesterone, they read the blogs. The blogs are full of people complaining about progesterone because they are all suffering from oestrogens dominant symptoms.

Oestrogen stimulates progesterone and progesterone stimulates estrogens. So if you use a little bit of progesterone, like the 20 – 40mg a day, which is what people are normally told to use, it’s going to stimulate estrogens. You’re going to get then, estrogens effects which is the typical water retention.

Another one big complaint is weight gain ….”I’ve put on five pounds in two days or something”, that’s water retention. Progesterone cannot cause it; it’s a potent diuretic, so much so that it is now used for Traumatic Brain Injury victims to stop oedema.

The other thing they complain about is the genuine weight gain which is fat weight gain and again you come back to estrogens, because oestrogens is a mitogen, it causes cells to proliferate. Progesterone stops cellular proliferation and it cannot cause weight gain because it cannot make cells, divide and multiply.

Because they are given so little to use, they write negative blogs ..which make women fearful of using progesterone or continuing with it.

You have to use a large amount of progesterone, if you do not want to experience oestrogens dominance symptoms. It’s about 400mg a day or more, that’s if you don’t want to experience any oestrogens dominance symptoms. You’ve got people trying 100mg and they’ve got it, then they move to 150mg and they’ve still get it and they start going up more and more. But it just prolongs the agony.

The symptoms so much depend on how much estrogens you’ve got and how many other things are also affecting you,  such as the foods you eat, your stress levels, it all plays a huge role.

Lack of Vitamin D also affects progesterone, again that was found in the TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury ]studies.

So you can’t think, ‘Let’s try some progesterone.., I’ve heard good reports about it’ and then of course you get bad results because you have not used enough progesterone cream! .

I have been advising using 100 – 200mg a day but if you have severe problems like asthma, seizure or heart problems, all of which can be caused by oestrogen because of it is an inflammatory hormone, you are going to need a lot of progesterone.
But always do it in conjunction with your health practitioner because it’s scary if you suddenly have an asthma attack because you haven’t used enough progesterone. You have to use a lot.

There’s one girl on the web using 500mg a day. Prior to that, she was going up slowly, 150mg, 200mg, 250mg, and she was just getting more and more attacks. 500mg she’s had none. So if you’ve got a major problem like that, always do it with somebody who understands. But for minor things like headaches or bleeding problems, then you can go at it alone if you have to…. it’s always better when you get support, but often that support is just not there!!

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