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Get Rid of Estrogen Dominance Symptoms with Progesterone

‘Estrogen Dominance’ was coined by Dr. John Lee to describe the unpleasant side effects resulting from high estrogen levels in men or women. For women, estrogen levels increases mostly when using [HRT]hormone replacement therapy or the pill. When estrogen level rises it automatically lowers the level of progesterone.

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When using progesterone therapy, at first it stimulates estrogen receptors, making estrogen the dominant hormone. You can understand why so many people feel worse when starting their progesterone therapy.

Men also can experience estrogen dominance symptoms when starting progesterone.

It is essential to persevere applying progesterone, as progesterone will gradually becomes the dominant hormone then symptoms begin to disappear. Some women don’t experience estrogen dominance, while others do. These symptoms can take several days to wean off.

How Much Progesterone to Use?

How much progesterone to use depends solely on the amount estrogen active in the body. The recommended amount of progesterone ranges from about 100-200 mg per day. Unfortunately many women uses doses as low as 20 daily mg. It is too low to counteracts the excess of estrogen and leaves the body in a permanent state of estrogen dominance.

If a woman experiences heavy continual bleeding during her monthly cycle or extreme hot flashes, she should start with a higher dosage of progesterone such as 400mg/day.

Men with high levels of estrogen can benefit from using 10-20mg daily and increase up to 10mg daily if necessary.
For best results one should start with a higher dosage of progesterone then reduce the amount to the best level, once symptoms have dissapeared. The reduction should always be done slowly over several weeks.

Temporary Relief From Estrogen Supplements

Estrogen supplements can initially bring a relief from symptoms. Because Estrogen activates the progesterone receptors causing progesterone to become the dominant hormone. But this relief is short lived as estrogen becomes the dominant hormone.

You now understand why so many women keep alternating their HRT treatments. For those women who do not suffer any adverse reaction, the risks of using HRT or the contraceptive pill for any length of time is associated with high health risks.

List of Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

A long list of symptoms characterise Estrogen dominance.
These symptoms can also be triggered when first using progesterone. aches and pains anger earlier or latet than usual menstrual bleeding bloating/weight gain due to water retention breast tenderness bruising breast tenderness bruising constipation dizziness headaches heart palpitations hot flushes hypoglycaemia increased appetite/cravings irritation migraines mild depression mood swings muscle weakness nausea skin problems/acne/melasma spotting tiredness/chronic fatigue weight gain

If you experience any of these symptoms, then your choice is to either…
Start with a higher progesterone dosage and persevere until the estrogen dominance symptoms wean off,
or begin with a low dose to begin with and then gradually increase it over a month or two.
The 2nd option will understandably take longer to resolve the symptoms.

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