The environment we live in today is so different than the one of our fathers and grandfathers…what has gone wrong?
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I had the privilege of visiting Wray Whyte in the beautiful land of the Cape Province in South Africa and took the opportunity to ask her a few questions…At the end you’ll see some footage of our trip!!

Wray Whyte: It is caused by the pollution really, there are 100 of studies that shows that the pollution is oestrogenic [the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides] many of the industrial chemicals have a very similar molecule to oestrogen – so they have an estrogenic effect on mammals whether a human or an animal…it binds to hormonally sensitive tissue which then causes the oestrogen signal to go forth.

Unfortunately there are lots of studies and evidence of these endocrine effects, but the authorities in general are not convinced – so we live with a problem which is increasing!

We need to be aware of what is happening to our hormone and do what you can to avoid the toxins ..

When I started with Progesterone there were 58 known endocrine disrupters now there are in the hundreds and there are probably many more by now…the best site is Theo Colborn site; “Our Stolen Future” which list them all and the studies too…

How to avoid products which has an oestrogenic effect on your hormones?

It is a very real problem and this is one of the reason I am so keen on progesterone …It has an anti-estrogenic effect .. this is one of the thing progesterone can do..
Obviously we should eliminate most of the toxins that we can …it is difficult because it is in our air, our food, skin care , sunscreen is one of the worst …unless you read every label (which I do now) you are not going to know …again if you read the label – it is double Dutch
There is an excellent site which I refer often …it is the environmental working group

I refer to it often – They have done studies and have tested many of these pollutants that goes in the various products such as skin care, shampoos etc…

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