In which way Sunscreen is relevant to healthy hormonal balance?

Actually in many ways, because the majority of sunscreens contain chemical filters that are endocrine disruptors and or are strongly estrogenic. Many sunscreens are both ineffective and dangerous. A detailed evaluation of over 1,400 sunscreens recently made by the Environmental Working Group EWG resulted in less than 3% being rated both safe and effective.
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What is the difference between Chemical and Mineral Sunscreens?

There are 2 elements: Sunscreen ingredients can be either chemical or mineral
All the chemical sunscreens are toxic one way or the other because they are absorbed into the skin,
as opposed to the mineral sunscreens that stay on the skin.

The chemical can be very effective as sunscreen, so you are not going to get burnt, and people feel that they are doing a good job because they are not getting burnt. But actually they are doing so much more damage by being absorbed into your cells and eventually your blood system. Some of these toxic ingredients can be carcinogenic.

Whereas the mineral sunscreen reflect the sun UV rays – they actually stay on the skin

Mineral Sunscreen are not as popular because often they leave a white paste on the skin. However there are new version of the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that don’t look as ‘white’. Sunumbra® uses the micronized version of zinc oxide so that it does not leave a white sheen on your skin.  But it still stays on the skin and it is not as remotely as toxic as the chemical sunscreen that is absorbed into the blood stream.

Sunumbra® is  a natural and organic sunscreen that is non toxic and relies exclusively on botanical extracts and zinc oxide to provide the highest protection (5 Star) against UVA rays and SPF30+ against UVB rays (broad spectrum).

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Sue Ingram found her passion helping others choose safer sunscreen, after her brother and cousin died prematurely with melanomas. I met  Sue in her beautifull home in the Cape Province. ….

On Thursday 13th September 2012, Thomas from African Outdoor Adventures ( summited Mount Kilimanjaro and he had Sunumbra Flag with him! obviously he is a great fan of sunumbra!!

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