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How to Regulate Irregular Periods using Progesterone

The length of our menstrual cycles can vary from as little as twenty-one days to as long as thirty-six days. Most women have on average a twenty-eight days cycle. For this reason, pill & HRT manufacturers pack their products in twenty-eight-day cycles.
The guide below is based on 28 days, but if your cycle is longer or shorter, you should follow and adapt instead of sticking to the average recommendation.

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How to find out when you ovulate?

To give you an idea:

“Irrespective of the length of their cycle, women should start ovulating fourteen days before they start bleeding again.

To find the correct date of your ovulation, you’ll have to work backward from your last period and start using the progesterone cream fourteen days before your period is due.
A defective luteal phase will cause a woman to start bleeding again before the fourteen days. This is often the cause of a miscarriage.
However, if you have a defective luteal phase, you’ll be able to regulate your period with progesterone cream and lengthen it by using the guide below.

Using the following guide will usually stop the food and alcohol cravings, tiredness, depression and anger that happens just prior to bleeding.

You should be aware that regulating your period with progesterone cream may cause the bleeding to be heavier for the first one to two months.

Don’t Panic!!

It’s the progesterone eliminating the lining that has built up in the uterus.
Even If spotting occurs continue to use the cream.

However if a full period occurs earlier, stop using the cream counting the first day of bleeding as day one. Then start using the cream again according the guide below.
Use this method for about three months or until your cycle has returned to normal. After that the cream can be used with the normal dose of 2-3ml/day for the last fourteen days of the cycle.

Regulate your Period with Progesterone cream guide

  • A twenty-one-day cycle ovulation should occur on day seven
  • A twenty-eight-day cycle ovulation should occur on day fourteen
  • A thirty-six-day cycle ovulation should occur on day twenty-one
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