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Progesterone and Toxic Xeno Estrogens in the Environment

Many women use progesterone cream to reverse or neutralize estrogen dominance symptoms. These estrogen dominance symptoms are essentially caused by toxic chemicals in the environment which mimic the actions of estrogen in our body – They become toxic xeno estrogen to our body, xeno meaning foreign. When the symptoms of estrogen dominance reduce, many menstruating women stop using the cream. Although, it is still recommended to use the cream in small dosages since it has help balance progesterone to estrogen ratio and has anticancer properties.

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The Dangers of Our Toxic World for Our Hormonal Health

In more than 5 decades, the world has changed rapidly and this affected our environment quite negatively. We can no longer keep up with the radical changes in our surrounding, especially to the toxin footprints of man-made chemicals. Below are just some of the samples of how our environment today affects the general health of people all over the world:

  • In 1920s, cancers can only be found to 3% of the population, but it rapidly increased to 40% among today’s population. Deaths caused by cancers are also alarming in the past years.
  • Allergies are more prevalent today. This can be observed with our kids who have to carry asthma pumps when on the playground.
  • Many children today are also diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Many of them are treated with Ritalin, a stimulant which can seriously trigger mental health problems later on in their lives.
  • Today’s records show that heart diseases can cause death among people in their 30s.
  • Infertility hinders population increase in the West as their sperm counts are down by 50%.
  • Depression now occurs globally among men and women, whether they are young or adult.
  • Osteoporosis is even present with young males today.

6 Most common Chemicals that creates toxic xeno estrogens in our body

  • Petro-chemicals are toxic xeno-estrogens which can be found on vaseline based skin creams, common detergents, wax floor polish and paints. These chemicals are also present in car immisions, which mean that we are exposed to it when we use our cars, walking along the road, or by just having a coffee outside of the shop.
  • Synthetic Hormones and estrogenic compounds can be acquired by eating meat. Cattles are fed with D.E.S. (diethol stilbestrol) hormone to fatten them quickly. Chickens, on the other hands, are fed with hormone-filled food to make them grow fast.
  • Pesticides with DDT and DDE. These highly toxic home and garden instruments are still widely used in Africa and other 3rd world countries. Furthermore, other herbicides and pesticides have dieldrin, toxaphene, mirex, heptachlor and kepone. These chemicals are capable of imitating natural estrogen.
  • Polycarbonated plastics. These toxins are present in baby bottles, water jugs, cling wrap and polystyrene to name a few. Plastics can be found practically anywhere.
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). If you are using any electronic device, then you’re exposed to these chemicals. These are widely used in electronics industry.
  • Synthetic man-made estrogen drugs. Drug companies incorporate them to produce contraceptive pill and HRT. Ironically, these are even advertised as something that can save lives and good for our health.

Only progesterone protects from estrogen created from toxic chemicals found in our today’s environment.

Progesterone Protects from Oestrogen Created by the Chemical Revolution

Man made synthetic chemicals are known not only to cause damages in our environment, but also directly to our health. Endoctrine Disruptors are a major factor in hormonal imbalances. Whereas xeno-estrogens immitates the natural estrogen, thus, the imbalance between estrogen and progesterone levels.

There are currently 51 toxic chemicals identified as hormone disrupters causing health imbalances. For one, xeno-estrogens are present in the food that we usually eat. They exist in the animal fat and the moment we ate these animals, we acquire them in our fats, too.

Xeno-estrogens can disrupt the functions of the body by putting estrogen receptors to the cells. These cells will not be able to interact well with the body organs and systems, which will then lead to malfunctions of the body.

The use of bio-identical progesterone is the best way to keep estrogens level under control. As with the presence of toxic xeno estrogens from our toxic enviromment, the progesterone to estrogens ratio becomes imbalanced . This condition will lead to what is called estrogen dominance sumptoms, where the balance of progesterone and estrogen inside the body is affected.

Only Progesterone Therapy Reverses Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

It’s a fact that our grandparents didn’t need any progesterone therapy in their younger years because of their environment’s condition. This, however, is no longer the case today since we are exposed everyday to endocrine disruptors (xeno estrogens) found in our environment.

These days, many people experience all-time high stress levels, which cause health complications. Not to mention that progesterone levels are being drained by any sort of stress. Progesterone hormones are vital to keep the balance of our mental, emotional, and physical conditions. After all, progesterone is called the “Mother Hormone” for nothing. It is actually where many other hormones in our body are derived; these include stress and sex hormones.

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