progesterone cleared my depression
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Progesterone cleared my Depression Anxiety and Dizziness

This is the story of A.S. In a matter of days, she experienced radical health benefits using Natural Progesterone Cream. 1st she needed to clear the confusion about progesterone therapy!

“…I am so grateful that a friend introduced me to natural progesterone cream !! I am a 43-year-old – young – woman, with two teenagers and a 6-year-old toddler !!
I have a very busy, high stress leveled lifestyle. For the last three years, I have had tremendous ups and downs in my emotions.

My symptoms were: water retention- throughout the month, migraine headaches, cold hands, and feet, joint aches ( just carrying grocery bags would cause my elbows to ache, and normal bike riding became painful in my wrists and elbows ), extreme feelings of depression and anxiety. I remember walking in the shops one day, and it felt like I wasn’t focussing properly….my head felt “fuzzy” and extremely dizzy if I can put it like that.

My tolerance level was so low, I was irritable and teary all the time. I feared depression, and I really thought that this is it …..I have depression!

Having had malignant melanoma in 2009, I avoided any mentioning of HORMONES like the plague!
I did not want to try anything related to hormonal treatment! I was totally ignorant of this subject.

Well! October 2011, was a turning point for me. My friend introduced me to natural progesterone cream and applied more than half a teaspoon on my skin. I experienced a total change overnight!

The next morning I woke up feeling normal again , no depression , no anxiety , no dizziness. Amazing !!

Since then I have been using the cream everyday except for during my menses. I have done more research on the use of the cream , and have discovered so many benefits to it. Even protection against cancer !! I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle , exercising and eating properly , together with using the cream. My symptoms will sometimes re appear …esp. towards ovulation time , but then I just up the dose , and they disappear again !

I am telling every woman I know ,about this cream ! It is life changing !!…”
A .S .

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