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Progesterone cream dosage during pregnancy

Low Progesterone and pregnancy problems are intimately linked. Besides infertility and pregnancy loss, low progesterone symptoms such as nausea, vomiting headache, depression, backache, bleeding can be avoided. These symptoms can be the result of prolonged exposure to environmental toxins, especially the ‘xeno-estrogens’ that are polluting our air, food and water.

Many women have successfully eliminated some of the symptoms by increasing their progesterone cream dosage during pregnancy. Adding a progesterone supplementation during the pregnancy not only reduces those symptoms but also help reduce the risk of getting pre-eclampsia.

This confirms the link between low progesterone and some pregnancy problems.

Pre-eclampsia is a complication that affects 5% of women during the later stage of pregnancy. It is recognised by a raised blood pressure, excessive weight gain, oedema (water retention) and protein in the urine. Severe headaches followed by convulsive seizures can also occur. 5% of maternal deaths and 40% of foetal deaths are related to pre-eclampsia. It has been found that women suffering from PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome or PMT) stand a greater chance of developing pre-eclampsia.

  • These symptoms can be helped by increasing progesterone cream dosage during pregnancy:
    Headache throughout pregnancy,
    Bleeding.Those symptoms can be prevented  by maintaining an adequate diet and supplementing with natural progesterone transdermal cream. It is also recommended to eat small regular starchy meals every 3 hours to keep blood sugar steady.

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Progesterone cream dosage during Pregnancy

A low dose of natural progesterone cream during pregnancy will not help. Start with a high dosage and reduce gradually. Progesterone should not be stopped suddenly because of the risk of causing a miscarriage. The required progesterone dosage is 100-200mg/day and can be increased up to 400mg/day according to the symptoms.
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