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Progesterone reduces Anxiety & Sleeplessness in Children

During a Webinar, Wray Whyte shares with Vero Laos about her experience with children suffering from sleeplessness, anxiety, and lethargy that have been helped using progesterone.  And what parents should know about some vital missing nutrients responsible for depression in children.

When did you see children being helped using Natural Progesterone?

The youngest I have seen use progesterone cream is a 3month old baby. The child wouldn’t go to sleep, he was very restless and I suggested to use a pinhead of cream on the sole of the feet [it is very absorbable there] ….and the child went to sleep.

Another occasion was a friend’s 2yr old child, she was very clingy, very angry, and would not sleep – I suggested she rubbed a little bit of progesterone cream and it calmed the child instantly who fell asleep in her mom’s arm.

How Safe is progesterone cream for children?

It is perfectly safe because they are bathed in progesterone since they are a fetus. Some women are worried when they rub progesterone on themselves when they are pregnant… For 9 months the baby has been bathed in progesterone so, in other words, it is very safe for a pregnant woman to use natural progesterone cream.

Progesterone is given as well to preterm infants who were born too soon with respiratory distress syndrome, to ensure that their bone grows as necessary. These are infants that have not even come to term. So it is very safe to use progesterone on an infant.

When would you say that a child is estrogen dominant

Estrogen dominant problem really manifests itself once the girl reaches puberty, because at that stage her body is making more estrogen..prior to that progesterone has a calming effect on the child.

My brother’s friend’s daughter, a 14yrs old girl, was on antidepressants and was given counseling. My brother suggested she used the progesterone cream and some nutrients [we’ll talk more about that later] and in a matter of days, she came off both the antidepressant and the counselling because her problem was hormonal and she was going through puberty!

Is the Progesterone dosage the same for an adolescent or 20yrs old?

The 14yr old girl would be using the same dose as a 20yr old because biologically, she is an adult if she has started her menses.

After a girl has entered into puberty it usually takes 2 years before she gets her 1st bleed. Those few years can be a very difficult time for the daughter and for the mother as well and I suggest to give half the amount of the progesterone – but again it is always  dependent on symptoms, the dose should be adjusted until the estrogen dominant symptoms subsides.

More and more mothers are coming to me in regards to putting their children on progesterone.

I had one woman wrote to me the other day about her 10yrs boy who had estrogen dominant symptoms [she did not say what symptoms] …mothers are contacting me not only about their daughter but about their sons too.

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