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How will Natpro progesterone cream be shipped to me?

We deliver to almost any country from our fulfilment centre in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. It can be delivered globally by several different methods… the choice is yours.

How long will it take?

Delivery will almost always be within two weeks of order – whether you’re in Hawaii or Timbuktu – but to most places between one day and three weeks depending on your choice of shipping method and location.

What about the cost of shipping?

Despite what we see so often on the web and elsewhere – there is no such thing as “free shipping”. Shipping Natpro progesterone cream costs money – just as it does for any product. But to keep things as headache-free for you as possible the shipping method, and therefor cost, can be chosen by you from several USPS alternatives….
• Parcel Post
• Priority Mail
• Express Mail
• First Class Mail International
• Priority Mail International
• Express Mail International
There are no hidden costs or surprises.

How we arrived at the price for Natpro progesterone cream…

There are two sides to what makes “real value” – the first is quality. The second is price. You see… I want to guarantee that Natpro progesterone cream delivers to you not just absolute quality but also absolute value.
It was for this reason that we conducted a series of detailed and exhaustive pricing surveys on natural progesterone cream. The results were so illuminating that I am compelled to share them with you. Here’s what happened…

First, we asked our survey volunteers (200 of them) this…
“Please compare… the four progesterone creams listed below are all good products… none are bogus “Yam Creams” or pure “label jobs”. In fact I’ve deliberately selected what I believe are the best alternative progesterone creams to Natpro…
• Pro-Gest
• Renewed Balance
• Serenity
• Progestacare
you will see that these products vary in concentration of progesterone – it’s important to keep this in mind.”

We then listed (for the survey volunteers to read) details of…
• container sizes
• concentration of progesterone
• best offered prices

Second, we asked our survey volunteers a series of questions about fair pricing, including what they felt a fair price for Natpro progesterone cream should be.
Third, we analysed the results. Here they are…

• “A median value of $30.00 per tube”. What’s “median”? It’s the price that’s right in the middle – just as many people said that more than $30.00 was fair as those that said less than $30.00 was fair.
• Further analysis by the pricing experts revealed that to “optimize” the price it should be set at $29.70 per tube.
So, as you can see the survey indicated that the “optimum” price for a tube of Natpro should be US$29.70.

However, because I am driven by the memory of my own bad health experiences my purpose is clear. It is simply this…
“To help you get well with the best value that I can deliver”
So… I told the “experts” to sharpen their pencils. I told them to give me the lowest possible price without compromising quality.
Quite simply… this had to be the best quality progesterone cream available at the best possible price.
The result? …a reduction of more than 16% …US$25.70 per tube excluding shipping and handling

Is the Natpro Airless Dispenser more expensive than the Natpro tubes?

NO, the price is essentially the same per any given weight/volume of cream.

How do I pay for Natpro progesterone cream?

To make it as easy as possible you have two choices :
• By credit or debit card using our secure 128 bit encrypted order form – this accepts VISA and Mastercard, or
• PayPal – if you already have an account you’ll know all about this easy payment system and if you don’t have an account the ordering process makes it easy for you to open one (its free and takes two minutes)

Is there a guarantee? Yes…

If you’re at all undecided about progesterone therapy in general and natural progesterone cream in particular – take advantage of my guarantee:

Try it, use it and then decide…if Natpro doesn’t improve your health within three months or 3 tubes then please just ask for your money back. No questions. No returns. No argument.”

It won’t upset me if you do because the purpose of my guarantee is to free you of all risk. I do, however, ask two big favors:

Please use Natpro progesterone cream for the full three months that the 3 tube special price is designed for and take advantage of the wealth of personal advice to be found through the FAQ pages.

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