I receive this beautiful letter this morning from Cathryn. It’s a tribute to women everywhere, who have made the decision to take control of their hormonal health and wont give up in the face of opposition and ignorance. Many women still suffer unnecessarily because of ‘What Doctors may not tell them about menopause, pre-menaupose..”. Thank God for pionneers such as Dr John Lee, Dr C Dalton, Dame Dr Shirley Bond…and our sisters who speak boldly…
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“…Like so many women, I have been suffering with a lifetime of terrible symptoms, all of which could have been alleviated with Progesterone!  I am 45 and I live in Australia.

In my country, the medical profession does not see the need to address womens issues with Progesterone. In fact, they seem to not know the difference between Progesterone and progestins etc and even try to help by giving us Oestrogen!  More Oestrogen…..

Recently I went to a GP and asked for Progesterone tests. He said I did not need it as we do not need Progesterone!  I could not believe my ears!  My first thought was that it was because he was a male, but then I realised that it was because he was a GP! And they are not encouraged to help women with Progesterone treatments.  On the odd occasion that they do wish to help, they administer artificial medication!

For years I have been searching for answers. I am like a bull dog. I will not give up until I find answers.

I remember watching Dr Phil and his wife Robin, who went through terrible menopause, said she visited many doctors until she found one who would listen. And she warned us that it would be like that. How right she is,.
I would like to know why women must work so hard to find answers.  Why do we have to beg for help.
In Australia, we cannot buy Progesterone over the counter. We must see either a GP (we know how hopeless that is) or a GP practicing Bio-natural prescribing doctor.  The only way to find who they are is to contact the bio-natural compounding pharmacy and they have a list of doctors who prescribe. Then we wait for months to be able to see these doctors and pay alot of money for them to prescribe compounding medication. The medication is very expensive.  I was quoted $160 per month for compounded progesterone.

Through spending many hours on the internet, I discovered progesterone in jars and tubes from overseas.

I now order it and have not been game enough to order more than one tube at a time  customs seize it, as I believe we are allowed one months supply for our own use.

In saying all of this, I am relieved to be able to purchase progesterone.  I read Dr Lees book many years ago and have since accumulated a number of copies some how! It amazes me how little we have progressed in the area of women's health.  I am constantly reminded of how upside down the medical profession is particularly for womens health.  The Doctors easily prescribe the morning after pill, the pill, abortions and the like but to address women's debilitating symptoms is almost taboo.  There was a push to recognise the right for a woman to abort her baby but the right of a woman to help her symptoms? It is beyond my understanding.

I really appreciate your videos. I came across them today and it was like a breath of fresh air. They have confirmed what I have been learning about – the benefits of progesterone and you know what you are talking about. I wish I could take it all in and I wish I could remember the valuable bits of information so I can help other women like myself.

I want others to be able to life healthy lives, with the benefit of progesterone. I want my daughter to know about progesterone benefits as she suffers severely with pms and period pain.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

I welcome the day when doctors see the wonder of progesterone.” 
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Kind Regards  – Cathryn

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