So many people aren’t aware that our fat cells will produce Estrogen until we die.  They think that when they get to menopause, Estrogen drops and that’s it. It’s not true! We make Estrogen until the day we die in our fat cells.

The post menopause Estrogen we produce is called ‘Estrone’ and it’s just as potent as ‘Estradiol’, the Estrogen we make pre-menopause in our ovaries.  Estradiol should be low in menopause. But whenever a woman goes to have a blood test, they would only test for the Estradiol, whether she’s pre or postmenopausal and this is wrong.
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The Lab result will show that your estrogen is low, but they have not tested for  ‘Estrone’. They do not seem to know that menopausal women are still making ‘Estrone’ in their fat cells, so do men.

Men make Estrone as well and as they get older, their Estrogen level increases and the level of testosterone and progesterone decreases. This is another reason why they get these symptoms.

So, it’s important to realize, we still make Estrogen until we die but we do not make Progesterone in the quantities we did in our premenopausal years, we make very little and it’s mostly to do with brain nerves, that sort of function, rather than reproductive. So, it is important to realize that we need to supplement with Progesterone.
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